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What administrative obligations are involved in the WagwEU?

Employers abroad from countries in the EEA and Switzerland with personnel temporarily posted in the Netherlands must comply with a number of administrative obligations:

  • The obligation to have certain documents available (or directly available in a digital version) in the Dutch workplace of the posted worker. These are employment contracts, payslips, summaries of working hours, A1 forms, and proof of payment
  • Information obligation: the obligation, upon request, to hand over to the Inspectorate SZW all information necessary for enforcement of the WagwEU
  • The obligation to appoint a contact person in the Netherlands who can be approached by the Inspectorate SZW, and who functions as the point of contact. This can also be a posted worker
  • Duty to notify: as of March 1, 2020, employers abroad are obliged to notify their work in the Netherlands through the Dutch online notification portal