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Who notifies in the case of subcontracting?

Subcontracting is when an employer abroad contracts a third company to do a job for their client in the Netherlands. For example: French employer A builds a bridge for Dutch client B, and contracts a third company C in Germany to carry out the welding work on the bridge in the Netherlands. Each employer must notify their own personnel.

First, French company A notifies its employees who will go to work in the Netherlands, and Dutch company B must review the notification. In addition, the third company C in Germany must notifies its employees who will work in the Netherlands. Because German company C has a contract with French company A, French company A is now regarded as the client (the service recipient). This is because German company C is delivering its services to French company A, despite the fact that the personnel are sent to Dutch company B. It is therefore French company A that reviews the notification of German company C. In this way, French company A is both the employer abroad and the client (the service recipient). In short:

  • as an employer abroad, each company notifies its own employees
  • the client (the service recipient) is the company that has a contract with the employer abroad. Thus in subcontracting, this can also be a foreign company