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Contact person

According to Article 7 of the WagwEU, you need a contact person who is available in the Netherlands when the service is provided in the Netherlands.

WagwEU B.V. can act as a contact person for you.

The advantages of hiring a Dutch contact person are considerable:

  • The contact person provides the complete notification of the information requested by the Dutch government
  • The contact person will check the information provided by you for authenticity and validity
  • Prior to the visit to the Netherlands, a confirmation of the notification that your employee and / or driver must be able to show will be sent
  • No compulsory application for eHerkenning eH3 or eiDAS
  • No language barriers between the Dutch government and your organization
  • Your contact person works at WagwEU B.V.; an administrative office established in the Netherlands
  • Your contact person is available to answer questions. This saves time and you can continue to carry out your core business without any disturbance
  • By correctly supplying the information to the Dutch government, you avoid high fines during checks
  • The obligation for the service provider to report is laid down in Article 8 of the WagwEU
  • The service provider remains responsible for the notification
  • WagwEU B.V. ensures:
    • that your business data is safe
    • no longer than strictly necessary
    • and are stored according to the GDPR regulations